Friday, November 13, 2009

MFA Show Review

When you first walk in the photographs on the right two walls are amazing. There isn't a name or title about them posted on the wall, but they are interesting and creative, quite literal too. The photo of the girl with the small cherry pie over her mouth, as if shes eating it, and the drip is great, very suggestive. Also, very literal, the photos, I believe of the same girl, with cigarettes over her chest up her neck, is suggesting "lung cancer," is creative and her make up really gives a full effect of what I think the artist is trying to convey. And the only other thing I found interesting and aesthetically pleasing were the two larger paintings on the far back wall of the main room. Not only are the impressive by their size, but they resemble Cy Twombley and Kandinsky, which are two artists whose work I personally like. The non representational shapes are dark and compelling, they can be interpreted in anyway, and I think that's important for an artist to do, and involve many different types of viewers. All in all the show was nice to walk through however a lot of the work I found boring, especially the sculptural work in the back right room. The curation of it I feel is a thousand times more interesting than the BA/BFA Art Open show was curated. I feel that I was cheated by wall space, and the lack thereof of quality work. I had two paintings I feel should've been chosen and put into the show, but they weren't, and I saw work that I felt wasn't even good quality to have been in it. I know some people submitted work and it wasn't chosen but maybe should have. The set up of the actual show sucked and I don't know who curated it but they didn't do a good job. I had a painting in that show and it was not displayed appropriately by any means and the placement did nothing for the painting. And the MFA show I believe is curated the right way, the pieces are displayed nicely, really giving the viewer an understanding about the work, and letting them get a feel of it. That's about it.

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