Monday, November 9, 2009

Manfredi Beninati

Manfredi beninati
Here is another example of manfredi Beninati’s paintings. I love the color in this one and the whisping shapes and the flow of his hand. The colors go so well with each other and nothing is too over powering. I like his tie dyed style he has as a wash, and he uses drips minimally but it works really well in this painting.

Manfredi beninati
Now, this painting is marvelous. I love the detail with the dog and little girl, but he has so many abstract qualities about it as well. The magenta in this is very striking and is why I picked it out. He doesn’t go overboard with the yellow, but it gives a nice touch. He creates vines, trees and flowers out of the drips and manipulates them, and this is something I myself am trying to teach myself. His Alice in Wonderland vibe is awesome and I wish I did it first.

Untitled (Fes Hagosh) 2006, oils on canvas.

This artist shows at the James Cohan Gallery in Chelsea, and I saw his work many years ago, but for thesis I wanted to revisit his work, because I remember really liking it. This is his painting that I saw in the Gallery that I liked the most, and inspired me to continue what I was already doing, but also try new things as well. He paints Aurora Boreallis, the Alaskan lights, with faint images behind the haziness of his paint. He also emphasizes the drips and plays off them, working them into the image behind. This painting is Untitled (Fes Hagosh) 2006, oils on canvas.

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