Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Sogh, is a local artist in Baltimore, his real name is Shawn. He uses car paint, and spray paint, and paints on wood. I like his use of color, and he grasps the concept that I'm trying to achieve. He uses spray paint to create a single placement of a circle, and a drip from that circle. It's not messy or muddy, and at first, before talking with him, and also reading about his work, it was hard to tell what medium he was using. I am just starting to paint on wood, and am going to try to work with spray paint again. I had used spray paint in the Spring of 2009, but wasn't sure how to handle it and how to work with it, since I have primarily been using acrylics. I really enjoy his work, which he has at the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. I bought 2 of his paintings while I was there, and was lucky enough for him to sign them.

SOGH Shawn Theron, Untitled 2009 (both)
These are the two paintings I bought from the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. The artist signed them both for me and wrote little memos on the back too. I really liked these, and felt that he was doing something similar to what I hope to be doing in the future with my own work. I love spray paint and after seeing this, it makes me want to back into it, experimenting with it, and just getting a feeling with new mediums again.

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