Monday, November 2, 2009

thesis research JAMES NARES
This is a great interview I just read, between Glenn O'Brien and James Nares, about his pre painting experiences and post painting experiences. James Nares is just a normal art student it seems, not some famous painter with a whole new insight on life, but a regular artist, that has failures and triumphs, etc. He came from London to New York and was originally trying to be several things, a musician, a filmmaker, and chose painting to be his main thing, which he had been doing since he was a child anyway. His paintings create an effect of no knowing whats the top, the bottom, how it was painted, kind of like stuck in space somewhere, with no up and no down, no sideways either. Seems he has to create his own procedure to making his paintings, because of the effect he wants to have. I like that he feels its all about the brushstroke, the movement of your hands, the movement of the paint, how it reacts. Very cool, and something that I feel is the way to paint, its too boring painting a scenic beautiful waterfall, who cares?! Paint something where the paint looks fucking cool and does something that you cant mimic. This interview makes me think about what my thesis show will look like, and more so, what I want it to convey to the viewer, the audience, what my painting is about... James Nares work is amazing, and if your reading this blog, you should click that link and read the interview yourself, and check out his work.

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