Friday, February 5, 2010

Crit 2C by Paul

Today for my group crit, i brought in two paintings I did towards the end of last semester, and have been thinking of using them in my thesis exhibition.So I wanted to bring them in to see what everyone thought, since I am considering using them in my show, and/or the basic idea of them, as my show. The two paintings are each 12inches by 12inches, and are a combination of drips, poured paint, overlapping colors, and the paint underneath showing through. The one was blueish and the other more white, but they both had several colors mixed throughout them, pinks, reds, grays, black, etc. Paul suggested doing several of these, as individual fragments of a larger painting. Using different color themes for each one and combining them as a grid of a "larger painting." Joe also suggested trying the "pouring medium" by latex. I just want to say, that after thesis today, I now know exactly what I plan on doing for my exhibition. Thank you Paul!! you are the shit!

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  1. agreed...i think there is dedfinitely room to experiment within your specific style. with that being said, i think there is no reason to not execute those experiments. who know what you might come up with...i'm eager to see the outcome.