Friday, February 19, 2010

02/19 Crit

It was a confusing day at Livingston, spent nearly 20 minutes finding a parking spot, but finally made it and got a lot of good feedback. I was concerned about a couple things for my thesis project and figured out what I plan on doing to finish it. I am doing a grid of 20 or 24 1x1 ft little canvases, and using a corner space so it can be on two walls, but still one piece. They will be bright colors and dark colors, overlapping and showing through, dripped, scraped away, etc. I hope to use the gallery space that is the first room on the right after you enter the initial room, and on the left far corner. That's my hope, because the windows opposite are in a grid like pattern, small squares and it would reflect on my work. Good suggestions today:
AV Ryan suggested using the floor space underneath, maybe that would add to the layout and make it more interesting. Both Gerry and Chris suggested not to paint the sides like I was thinking, because it would unify it too much, and the style I paint is spontaneous so it wouldn't work well. I agree completely, I just was considering it. Vinny pointed out that people usually tend to read horizontally from left to write, so to consider that when choosing the layout and which colors are next to each other. Also a good point. So in conclusion, it was a successful day, despite the attempt to find the building in the first place.

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